Who we are

We aren’t your cookie cutter consultants. Maybe more importantly, we don’t want to be. We’re thinkers and doers that are rebellious in spirit and free in thought. We embrace diversity because differences are what make us stronger and better.

By being open minded and not chained to convention, we are able to create the best possible solutions for our clients. Having diverse backgrounds and experiences means that we don’t fall subject to the groupthink and templated patterns of other firms. Some will say you’ll never get fired for hiring the other guys and gals, and there may be some truth to that… but no one pushed boundaries or advanced the norm by accepting the status quo.


Our values

We take pride on thinking, being and acting differently. We won’t try to sell you on a huge list of values; those lists are hard to remember and usually harder to live by. We have a few tenets that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Respect. For our employees. For our customers. For the earth. For ourselves. For our craft. For everyone.

Growth. Always moving forward and always learning. We make progress because we don’t rest on our laurels.

Integrity. The means do justify the ends. We believe in doing things the right way.

Diversity. Of background. Of experience. Of thought. Of everything. We’re better when we embrace our differences and learn from each other.

Fun. Because life’s too short to not enjoy it!


Leadership Team



Phil Goerdt

Phil started his career working at a large bank thinking he wanted to be an economist. However once he was exposed to the power of data and its ability to impact not only the bottom line but the processes behind those big numbers, he knew he wanted to be a consultant and help other companies work smarter and not harder. Fast forward 10 years, and Phil has continued that success and has helped clients improve their strategies, turn data into action, and provided technical expertise along the way.

Phil has led client projects across multiple industries, technology stacks, and countries. He is Google Cloud Platform Professional certified in both Cloud Architecture and Data Engineering, and holds certifications from Oracle and Snowflake as well. When he isn’t thinking about business strategy or technology, you can find him in the kitchen cooking and experimenting with new recipes, traveling, or looking for new whiskies to try.