Our Approach

We strive to be more than a technology implementation partner. We know that our experiences as consultants and in-industry experts affords us unique perspectives and nuanced views on what does, and maybe more importantly, what doesn’t work. We feel compelled to share these thoughts with our clients in order to help them work smarter, not harder.

Core Tenants

Having experienced Waterfall, Scrum and Kanban styles of work and development, we understand that clients have preferences for how to get things done. However, one source of constant inspiration for us and how we work is “The Phoenix Project” (by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr & George Spafford), which documents how to use and implement DevOps in organizations. The concepts presented in “The Phoenix Project” are simple in concept, and are equally powerful: constant feedback loops, focusing on quality, and optimizing workflow all have incredible impact on how we work.

Our delivery method is also inspired by research published in 1989 by Sydney Yoshida called “The Iceberg of Ignorance”. This fantastic study found that the further up the company you go, the perception of issues drastically decreases. Specifically, Yoshida found that executive leadership are aware of or have exposure to only 4% of an organization’s issues - while front line staff are affected (directly or indirectly) by 100% of the issues the company faces.

We can argue about the specifics and whether the analogy is a good one, but our experience sides with Yoshida; many times we have found that improvements made earlier on and further up the development lifecycle pay multiples in terms of work quality and output. While much has changed in the last 30 years since the study’s release, it is still extremely difficult for senior leadership to know exactly what is going on, and what the pain points are in lower levels of the company.

Because of these blindspots that exist in organizations, it means that more than ever our feedback is needed to paint a clearer picture. As a strategic and technical partner, we can see these problems from the lowest level by doing the technical work, and have the opportunity to elevate these concerns and opportunities.


what all of this means

Our approach means that in conjunction to completing technical work, we provide our clients the value add of providing feedback on areas of opportunity, recommendations for improvement, and identifying areas of excellence. We’re not just interested in helping your projects and initiatives being successful, we’re interested in you and your business being successful.