Our Mission

Our mission is change. Specifically, our mission is to change how and why things have been done. Whether that be helping clients move to the cloud, optimizing processes by using data, or ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance at working in technology or consulting, our mission is to change the world around us for the better.

Change for our clients

Our mission is to help our clients work and act better, and solve not just the symptoms of problems, but the root causes as well. While we may be domain experts in cloud computing and data analytics, that doesn’t mean we stop there. We encourage our clients to work smarter, not harder, and our mission is to help our clients across the board achieve their goals.

Change for our employees

We also believe that work should be meaningful and employees be compensated and treated fairly. We believe we have a part to play in solving gender and minority participation and pay gaps in technology and consulting. Equal pay for equal work and liberal vacation policies shouldn’t be a revolutionary concept, but it sure feels like it when no one else does it. Good thing we like being revolutionaries.

Change for our community

We see it as our duty to encourage, coach, mentor and help those who want to enter technology and consulting, whether or not they want to work for us. That’s why we sponsor local events, encourage knowledge sharing, and try to partner with organizations championing causes near and dear to our hearts.